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A lot of times you find yourself in the perfect home and the thought of needing a Home Remodeling Birmingham AL does not even cross your mind. Then a couple years later and two or three kids and that perfect home seems like it suddenly shrunk! You are still in love with this place you all have chosen to come home and it is absolutely where you planned on raising your children, but you find yourself wondering if you all can comfortably live there anymore. We at Oak Alley Design Build are here to tell you that there is a solution!

Let us design an addition and remodel to your home in order to transform your dream home into a house that is functional for your growing family. We love doing custom remodels that can be customized so that the end result is exactly the home you have been needing. If you have ever had a contractor do work at your home you are probably concerned about the normal things, how long it will take, if they will communicate well, and if the work is going to be of the highest quality.

At Oak Alley we strive to deliver the best customer service to each and every client along with putting an intense focus on making each job is the best Home Remodeling Birmingham AL yet. We have an extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff that is always willing to go above and beyond for our clients. We will keep you updated during the entire project and completely understand what a hassle the project is on your life and want to make sure that we make it as easy as possible for you.

When you come to Oak Alley Design-Build, you might be wondering what we offer that is different then the rest. Well when you use us for your Home Remodeling Birmingham AL project you will find that the options are limitless and are experience goes far beyond a common handyman. We are able to create custom rooms that are full of personality that cultivate the style and experience you are desiring for your home. From simple bathroom upgrades to complete home renovations or additions, we can do it all.

If you have found yourself wondering why you have continued to live in a home that your family has outgrown, then start thinking in a new direction and give us here at Oak Alley a call so that we can get your project started. We will do a custom design for you and make sure that it is exactly what you are looking for. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call so that we can get started as soon as possible and give you the home that your family will grow up instead of out growing! Call us to schedule your design consultation today so that we can transform that too small house into the perfect home for you!