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We often see that most of the Home Remodeling Birmingham AL that happens around here are cookie-cutter basic designs that you see everywhere. We absolutely believe that this has its place in the renovation industry and that there are tens of people who absolutely love it. There is nothing wrong with that at all but we often find that people are coming to us because they are looking for a renovation that is unique. They have a specific vision and style that they’re trying to achieve with their renovation project and they want somebody that is detail-oriented. That is why we are not Justa build company but that is why we are a design-build company.

When you work with the design build company you are getting a designer who’s going to work with you hand in hand through your entire project. Oak Alley Your Home Remodeling Birmingham AL project starts with a 3D rendering and design consultation. You will meet with our designer and she will walk through your home so that she fully understands what kind of space she is working with. She will also hear what you are wanting to achieve and what all of your ideas are so that she can create a 3D rendering of your home what it looks like before and what it will look like after. This gives you the opportunity to really edit and be creative with all of your ideas.

This is the most valuable service in which we offer because it is a very unique and rare saying that is offered with most modeling company. We believe that when people are looking for Home Remodeling Birmingham AL they are making a huge commitment and investment. We value the fact that you let us into your home Give us the opportunity to work our craft is an extreme honor. We want to be respectful and make sure that we are achieving your goal during the project. You can be as involved during the remodeling and renovation as you would like to be or if you want to be completely hands-off you could absolutely trust us that we will come to you or big decisions need to be made.

Communication is something that we extremely value here at Oak Alley and it’s something that we work on every single day. We want to make sure that we are communicating with our customers about we are teacher they’re updated on their projects. When you come to ask for your renovation project we will do a detailed design to that we are sure that wore performing the exact renovation that you are wanting.

The best way in order to build trust him to make sure that we are there companies that is going to be the right to your renovation project is the reason some of our reviews on Google. These are left by people in the community who abuses for Bear remodeling projects have been absolutely thrilled with their experience. We would love for you to get comfortable with what their feedback is and be able to tell us to ask any questions that you might have.