Before committing to a design-build project, the homeowner reviews the property as it exists and imagines what it could be.

Looking into the empty backyard, the neglected guest bath, or the expired kitchen, you visualize it renewed. While conceptualizing sunshine breaking across a currently windowless living room, you wonder if a second-story yoga studio would compliment a second-story study – on a (currently) one-story house. Where one bedroom is now shared by two children, you conceive multiple bedrooms shared by none.





You dream, creating visions in your mind.

Without visions,
there are no projects.
Without projects,
there are no stories to tell.





At Oak Alley, we are unsurpassed in not only understanding your dreams and visions but enhancing them – turning them into the best non-fiction you’ve ever read.

While many things get better with age, houses rarely do. The reasons for choosing a particular property to live on remain the same: proximity to work, schools, and shopping, investment value, surrounding community and neighbors – but a house’s design often needs refreshing. As families grow and shrink, what is required of a house, changes.

Vehicles, electronics, and wardrobes are regularly updated. It only makes sense to update our dwellings as well. Advances in safety, storage, materials, and entertainment allow for changes resulting in more efficient and usable homes.

Understanding, designing, and implementing these advances is where Oak Alley excels.

What are your dreams and visions for your home?
What story do you want to tell?.