Precision Blended Additions

Design-build stories are different for different people. For some, it might be a story of new beginnings – a starter house needing a modern touch to make it perfect. For others, it could be home modifications for aging-in-place. Still, for others, it might be additional space within the same footprint for a growing family. A new hobby – or an existing one that’s outgrown the current layout – lead some to pursue design-builds. Sometimes it’s a master bedroom suite or master bath in a home that never had such.

Oak Alley works to develop your vision while paying close attention to “why” it developed. Reading between the lines to understand your goals, we anticipate details pertinent to some projects that aren’t necessary for others. Applying both industry guidelines and on-the-job practicality, we are able to turn visions into projects that truly meet specific needs as opposed to simply finishing projects.

Additions are where Oak Alley excels. Designing new spaces outside of (or within) current living spaces is what separates us from other remodelers. We can excavate a backyard for a stand-alone garage or remove a roof to add a second story with the same skill used when redesigning a bathroom or kitchen. And it’s all done to a level that makes the final product look as if it was always there.

Master Suites

Maybe it’s a master bath or maybe a full-space walk-in closet. Maybe a hidden study or discreet yoga space in an unseen location. It could be an adjacent home-office option. 

Whatever your master suite vision is, Oak Alley can be counted on to provide a design developed around your lifestyle.

We help you consider exactly what fits before ever starting a design. Working with Oak Alley, you get a realistic sense of what can be accomplished within your time, space and money budgets.


Whether intended as a traditional conservatory, a patio enclosure, or simply an area to let light bathe your home, we will design a sunroom that answers your needs.

Built within the home with floor to ceiling glass, over an existing deck with screened walls, or even on a patio with outdoor features, we turn your vision into a space that instantly adds warmth (and value) to your home.


Once the domain of the shade-tree mechanic doing cold concrete car repairs in a dimly-lit room, today’s multi-level/multi-car garages are so much more.

Part parking area, part work-space, part storage, these multi-purpose detached (or attached) additions add an entirely new dimension to your home.

When the particular needs of a leisure pursuit outgrow the available basement space, Oak Alley works with you to design and develop a garage solution. One story or two? One car or three cars and a boat? Insulated? Heated? Air-Conditioned? With or without interior rooms? Built and finished to a level suitable to your needs, these garages allow space to spread out and develop ongoing projects without corrupting your home’s interior or exterior.


We aren’t in the business of selling you something we want to build – we are in the business of building to your needs. Automobiles, boats, ATV’s, bicycles – and the tools to keep them all in good standing – need their own special place. A place designed in a manner reflective of the rest of the property. Oak Alley seamlessly blends exterior structures into existing structures giving you the same unique living outside your home as you’ve come to expect inside.


Outdoor Living / Entryways / Decks / Patios

Oak Alley isn’t an “interior only” design-build company. We’ll work with you as diligently outside the home as we do inside to design, develop, and build all the elements required to turn your house into a home. Whether done as part of a larger project or done in steps over time, we work with you to pace the development of your property in a financially sensible manner. We offer design and development suggestions for down-the-road without trying to convince you to complete them before being ready.

We are never further than a phone call away to address concerns, discuss changes, or explore possibilities.