The kitchen is the heart of the home – the heart of your story.

While other rooms address specific needs, the kitchen is the hub of activity.

It’s where family and friends gather to share food and conversation. Where dirty hands are washed, groceries are dropped, and bowls of cereal are poured. Visited early in the morning and late at night, the kitchen is where lavish meals are prepared by adults and also where all manner of snacks are created by children. A house’s energy radiates from its kitchen. As such, it’s important the kitchen be able to accommodate varying flows of traffic with a design neither sterile nor cluttered.

Oak Alley is skilled at creating state of the art kitchens to fit specific needs. While a kitchen redesign can be as specific as reimagining cabinetry, countertops, and appliance placement to transform the space, it might also be as broad as removing walls, adding an island, resetting plumbing, removing an island, or opening ceilings to present a generous, well-lit layout illustrative of the rest of your home.

What separates Oak Alley from other home remodelers is our ability to blend these changes seamlessly into the existing architecture. We replace cramped, outdated layouts with practical yet beautiful solutions that seem as if they were always there. And we never pad our bottom line by cutting corners, offering lower quality products, or performing sub-par work. Lack of quality – design or craftsmanship – in a design-build project is immediately apparent. We strive to maintain a level of client satisfaction that will allow us future work in other areas of your home.

Included here are several of the kitchen solutions we’ve crafted for homeowners.



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