Bathrooms and kitchens are the two most remodeled rooms in a home…and for good reason – it’s where much of our time is spent.

Where the kitchen is the center of activity, the bathroom is, by contrast, a more secluded area. Providing appropriate freedom from disturbance, a properly designed bathroom blends efficiency with comfort to create a soothing atmosphere.

Oak Alley stays current with developments in home renovations. Design or product related, our team is always at the front, learning about the latest options. This is especially true in the bathroom. Heated floors, heated towel racks, low flow faucets, smart toilets, and LED lighting are just some of the possible solutions to bathroom questions. We look for innovative answers that work with your needs and budget.

As your design-build partner on the project, we have no product sales agenda with outside companies. This gives you the opportunity to learn about available options without the pressure of “making a sale” – allowing you to pick quality items that fulfill your needs, not ours. Whether it’s faucets, floorings, appliances, surfaces, doors, windows, or any other products, Oak Alley will help you meet your needs in the smartest way possible. 

Included here are several of the bathroom solutions we’ve crafted for homeowners.

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