Home Remodeling Services Birmingham, AL

“We provide manageable solutions to complex projects using proven processes.”
-Mike McKay

A lot of things get better with age—but your house isn’t one of them! That’s why people seek out our professional services. 

You love your home. It’s close to school and work, you like the community, and the investment value is good. But your house is getting old—or maybe it wasn’t ever your style to begin with. Now’s the time to give some attention to your investment and get the dream home you’ve always wanted. Whether you want kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling done, or you’re looking to change the layout completely, the Oak Alley team will do a great job. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. 

Whole House Remodeling

Our business has the experience and quality craftsmanship to design and build even the largest home project. We’ve worked with homeowners in all aspects of home remodeling from redesigning existing homes for more practical layouts, to modifying whole homes for aging in place, to adding entire new wings to homes for entertainment, all the way to adding entire new levels to homes for growing families. 

As certified aging in place specialists, we’ve sometimes done remodeling to accommodate homeowners’ future health needs. Other times, we’ve done jobs to address immediate concerns like painting, roofing, and property repair. Oak Alley has also used universal designs to create spaces that are usable by everyone—regardless of age or ability. 

Our remodeling services are second to none for whatever you need. We guarantee amazing, practical results—and our team is the most courteous group of folks you’ll meet!

Renovating Master Suites

When renovating a master suite, you’re not just worried about safety and quality work (both of which we prioritize). You’re also looking for someone who can get the job done safely and in a timely manner. 

This is your sleeping space we’re talking about—the place you go to detox from the stresses of everyday life. It should be a peaceful space where you can indulge your dreams and process your day. You don’t want a construction crew in there forever; you want things to be complete as quickly as possible without sacrificing an excellent job.

Choose a contractor who knows how to make your master suite the sacred space you’ve always wanted.

Improving and Redesigning Bathrooms

Tired of your small, outdated bathroom? Trade in that tired vanity, cracked tiles, and ancient shower for something more modern that really works for you and your family. 

When you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, our crew will advise you on a layout that will function well for the space. We’ll go to work on flooring, vanity, shower/bathtub, and anything else your bathroom needs. You’ll have great service and excellent communication from start to finish, and when all is said and done, you’ll have a bathroom you can be proud of. 

Kitchen Remodeling

Replace cramped, awkward, and outdated layouts with something open, inviting, and modern. From painting the walls to remodeling the flow of your kitchen space, our reliable team will deliver a final product that will have you wondering why you waited so long to make this change. 

Your family deserves a common space that meets their needs—from cooking healthy meals to enjoying time together at the end of the day. 

Contemporary Full View

Construction and Remodeling for Home Exteriors

While it’s never good to judge a book by its cover, a poor cover certainly takes away from a book’s potential. That’s equally true with houses. If a home lacks curb appeal or is unable to function properly from the outside, it takes away from a perfect fitting inside. We aren’t an “interior only” design-build company for home remodeling jobs in Birmingham, AL. Exterior remodel is another area in which Oak Alley excels.

As a family-owned business, we work with homeowners as diligently outside the home as we do inside to design, develop, and build all the elements required to turn a house into a home. Redesigned rooflines, modified entrances, porte-cochéres, covered porches, and custom walkways are some of the more creative answers Oak Alley has designed and built for our customers. 

From lighting to landscaping, nothing is off limits when it comes to dressing up a home. Sometimes the needs are aesthetic while other times the needs are functional. Either way, we are well versed in finding unique ways to recreate the exterior presentation of a home for permanent curb appeal.

Custom Additions

Multi-level decking, fire pits, detached garages, wine rooms, sunrooms, pool houses, outdoor kitchens, and even a ballroom are just a few of the custom projects Oak Alley has enjoyed helping homeowners design and create. Whether it’s modifying existing elements or creating projects from scratch, our company has the background and perspective to help homeowners choose the proper fit and function of whatever unique build they might have in mind.

These areas are perhaps the most open to design interpretation based on space and budget. And these are also the areas where homeowners let their imaginations run! If you’re looking for a professional remodeling company in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, you’ve found them—Oak Alley is ready to bring your custom project to life.