“We provide manageable solutions to complex projects using proven processes.”
-Mike McKay

While many things get better with age, houses rarely do which is why most are in need of Home Remodeling Birmingham AL. The reasons for staying with a particular property remain the same – proximity to work, schools, and shopping, the investment value, and the surrounding community and neighbors – but the design and layout of a house often need modifying. As families grow and shrink, what is required of their house changes. Just as vehicles, electronics, and wardrobes are regularly updated, it only makes sense to update our dwellings as well. Advances in safety, storage, materials, and entertainment allow for Home Remodeling Birmingham AL resulting in more efficient and usable homes. Understanding, designing, and implementing these advances is where Oak Alley excels.

Whole House

Oak Alley has the experience and skill to design and build even the largest of home projects. We’ve worked with homeowners in all aspects of Home Remodeling Birmingham AL to redesign existing homes for more practical layouts, to modify whole homes for aging in place, to add entire new wings to homes for entertainment, and to add entire new floors to homes for growing families. Where the property has been perfect, but the house hasn’t fit the needs, we’ve been able to do entire Home Remodeling Birmingham AL to create spaces the entire family loves.

As Certified Aging in Place specialists, we’ve done Home Remodeling Birmingham AL to accommodate homeowner’s future health needs and other times to address immediate concerns. On many structures, we’ve used universal design to create environments usable by everyone, regardless of age, size, ability, or disability.

It’s all done to a level that makes the Home Remodeling Birmingham AL look as if it was always there. Creating solutions for entire dwellings (or at least large portions of dwellings), allow homeowners the most comprehensive finished product at the most efficient cost-to-value available.

Master Suites

One of the most intimate areas of a house, the master suite is where the day begins and ends. It’s where homeowners slow down, unwind, reconnect, and rejuvenate. The bedroom suite demands a design that puts a homeowner most at ease – a layout conducive to leisure. This is perhaps the one room whose layout is most unique to the occupants.

Maybe it’s an adjacent master bath, maybe a full-space walk-in closet. Maybe it’s a hidden study or discreet workout space in an unseen location. It could be a nearby home-office option or a bathtub with attached library. Or perhaps it’s a layout incorporating antique family furniture in a modern setting.


Bathrooms are one of the most remodeled rooms in a home…for good reason – it’s where much of our time is spent. Providing appropriate freedom from disturbance, a properly designed bathroom blends efficiency with comfort to create a soothing atmosphere.

As leaders in the Home Remodeling Birmingham AL, Oak Alley is always out front, learning about the latest home innovations. This is especially true in bathroom design. Heated floors, heated towel racks, low flow faucets, smart toilets, no-curb and low-curb showers, and LED lighting are just some of the possible solutions to bathroom remodels. We look for fresh answers that fit timeless designs. Whether it’s faucets, floorings, appliances, surfaces, or windows, Oak Alley meets homeowner needs in the smartest ways possible.


It’s where family and friends gather to share food and conversation. Where dirty hands are washed, groceries are dropped, and bowls of cereal are poured. Visited early in the morning and late at night, this is where meals are prepared, and snacks created. A home’s energy radiates from the kitchen and as such, it’s important the kitchen be able to accommodate varying flows of traffic with a design neither sterile nor cluttered.

Oak Alley is skilled at Home Remodeling Birmingham AL, creating state of the art kitchens to fit specific needs. While a kitchen remodel can be as specific as reimagining cabinetry, countertops, and appliance placement, it might be as broad as removing walls, adding an island, resetting plumbing, or opening ceilings with the goal of presenting a generous, well-lit layout illustrative of the rest of the home. We replace cramped, outdated layouts with practical yet beautiful solutions that seem as if they were always there.

Contemporary Full View


While it’s never good to judge a book by its cover, a poor cover certainly takes away from a book’s potential. Equally true with houses. If a home lacks curb appeal or is unable to function properly from the outside, it takes away from a perfect fitting inside. We aren’t an “interior only” design-build company for Home Remodeling Birmingham AL. Exterior remodel is another area Oak Alley excels.

We work with homeowners as diligently outside the home as we do inside to design, develop, and build all the elements required to turn a house into a home. Redesigned rooflines, modified entrances, porte-cochéres, covered porches, and custom walkways are some of the more creative answers Oak Alley has designed and built for our customers. From lighting to landscaping, nothing is off limits when it comes to dressing up a home. Sometimes the needs are aesthetic while other times the needs are functional. Either way, we are well versed in finding unique ways to recreate the exterior presentation of a home for permanent curb appeal.

Custom Additions

Multi-level decking, fire pits, detached garages, wine rooms, sunrooms, pool houses, and outdoor kitchens, and even a ballroom are just a few of the custom projects Oak Alley has enjoyed helping homeowners design and create. Whether it’s modifying existing elements or creating projects from scratch, we have the background and perspective to help homeowners chose the proper fit and function of whatever unique build they might have in mind.

These areas are perhaps the most open to design interpretation based on space and budget. These are also the areas where homeowners let their imaginations run! When a homeowner wanted to expand and enhance the entertainment ability of their home, Oak Alley helped them brainstorm and build an exterior television porch. When the needs of an automotive hobby outgrew the available basement space, Oak Alley worked with a homeowner to create a four-car garage solution. When a homeowner wanted a naturally-lit, interior space to relax, Oak Alley designed a custom sunroom to answer their needs.

Gutterglove of Alabama

We end your gutter worries during your Home Remodeling Birmingham AL! No more working from ladders or paying for regular gutter cleaning. No more clogged downspouts, unsightly debris, or trapped water rotting your roof away. As design-build remodelers, we get a lot of calls for the best products for all aspects of our clients’ homes. Many of them asked us to recommend the best gutter protection. After a couple of years of researching all the options available, we found it in Gutterglove! We completed the training program and signed up to become Alabama’s first certified Gutterglove dealer and installer. Shortly afterward, a leading consumer reporting magazine named Gutterglove Pro as the best gutter protection product available.We love this stuff! It is a premium product, no doubt, but the cost is in the product itself. Extruded anodized aluminum with surgical stainless steel micro mesh, unlike our highly marketed competitors which are made from light gauge roll-formed aluminum sheet metal and cost as much or more! End your gutter worries now and call us! 

Ella’s Bubbles

We are proud to be the Southeast vendor for Ella’s Bubbles, a Chicago based manufacturer of high caliber acrylic walk-in bathtubs. Ella’s Bubbles offers inward swing door walk-in tubs, outward swing door walk-in tubs, two-seat walk-in tubs, and wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs as well as many other setups and accessories. All of Ella’s tubs come in various shapes and sizes and are customizable to fit individual needs. Ella’s Bubbles offers unique Infusion Microbubble Therapy where billions of oxygenated bubbles burst, providing hydration and exfoliation while you relax. Oak Alley can work with you to not only transform your bathroom into a place of relaxation and comfort but a place of security and luxury as well with an Ella’s Bubbles bathtub. https://ellasbubbles.com/