Living rooms, family rooms, wine cellars, outdoor living spaces, man caves, porte cocheres, great rooms, sunrooms, dens –
all areas of the home designed for entertainment and relaxation – yet each designed to suit a particular purpose unique to each family and home.

These rooms are perhaps the most open to design interpretation based on space and budget. These are also the rooms where homeowners let their imaginations run! These are the rooms where Oak Alley really shines. We design and build your freedom of expression.

We enjoy doing work no one has ever done before.

The challenge is in fitting a new design in an old footprint within a set budget. Working with Oak Alley, you get a realistic sense of what can be accomplished within your time, space and money budgets. This allows fewer worries and greater peace of mind. Whether aiming for an open floor design with specific areas or a stylish southern hospitality look, we can develop a solution including all the distinction you desire. All without violating the character of the original design.



With decades of proven performance, Oak Alley stands ready to design your vision.