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Full Home Remodeling in Birmingham, Alabama

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about remodeling jobs, but we’re here to clear them up, provide professional services and quality craftsmanship, and deliver a finished product you’re in love with.

Not in love with your house? We can help! 

Whether you’re looking for a bathroom remodel or you want to change your entire home, the Oak Alley remodeling team will get the job done—and done well. Our crew is always courteous, always puts the customer first, and always respects your budget. 

For homeowners, the thought of a remodel might result in an instant headache. But we’re here to assure you that every detail will be taken care of, and we’re available to answer any and all questions you might have about the project. We’re your go-to remodeling company in Birmingham.

Remodel is a Broad Term

When you contact Oak Alley you’re engaging with a team of people who earn their living helping families discover the best lifestyle their home can provide. You’re contacting a team who’s been building homes and participating in Home Remodeling Birmingham AL across the Greater Birmingham area for thirty-seven years and are ready to apply what they’ve learned to your home. You’re contacting a team who wants to hear about your dream for your home – what needs you have – what desires you have. A team who wants to work with you to bring your home back to relevance. 

Many contractors are equipped to tear something down and rebuild it. While this does go further than maintaining a property, it may not go in the right direction to make the property relevant. It might address one problem while creating two more. Without considering the overall implications of your Home Remodeling Birmingham AL, quick changes or studying the future needs of a family, a poorly thought-out remodel can quickly become a mess. Oak Alley listens, studies, and develops design-builds with both the homeowner’s current needs and future expectations in mind. We create spaces where you can live as long as you like and be comfortable while doing so.

Our Birmingham AL Services

When it comes to your remodeling project, our company can do just about anything you can imagine. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or your entire house, we’ll make it beautiful for you and your family. 

 Whole House

Remodeling your whole home might seem daunting, but Oak Alley can make the construction process as painless as possible. Whether Birmingham AL is your forever home, or you plan on selling in a few years, a home renovation is a great investment.

Master Suite

Your master suite is one of the most important rooms of your home. It’s your safe space, your sanctuary—a room that’s all your own! With our resources and services, this room will be tailored to you and your desires. Whatever you can dream up, our business can provide. 


There’s a reason bathrooms are the most popular rooms for remodeling. Your bathroom should be a peaceful place for you to relax in! Whether you’re looking for a tile restoration, shower renovation, or a complete overhaul, we can turn your bathroom into the at-home spa of your dreams. 

And More!

The Oak Alley team  can also handle your kitchen, exterior, or custom addition remodel. Our business really can do it all. Our clients’ satisfaction is what we care most about. Trust our company to make your home dreams come true. 

The Process

Oak Alley works with homeowners to first determine a ballpark number to see where the dream and budget match up. After entering into a design agreement, those numbers are tightened up to give a closer idea of what can be done with the available funds. This is not a contract for the build but rather a small fee paid to Oak Alley for creating designs to get the homeowner a layout that meets their needs. We feel it’s better to know upfront and have an understanding of how much it will cost to turn your house into what you always dreamed it could be than to enter into an agreement only to find out halfway through the project that you’re either not getting what you wanted or that you have to pay twice the amount to see it to the end. While we don’t provide itemized pricing on all pieces of the Home Remodeling Birmingham AL project we are happy to provide alternate pricing in areas where options exist. As noted above, Oak Alley works with a variety of budgets to help homeowners achieve their goals. Sometimes this means breaking a project into stages that happen over the years. 

When the homeowner and Oak Alley settle on a design, a letter of intent is signed to move forward with the project. We bring in our carpenters and any tradespeople who will be associated with the project. The homeowner is given the opportunity to meet the people who will be in their home and the tradespeople are given the opportunity to meet the family for whom they will be constructing. This is also done so the trades can see the property firsthand, discuss any challenges they see, and supply actual costs for the project. 

With actual costs from our trade partners, estimates become firm pricing, and a contract is drawn. This includes the actual price to see the project through from beginning to end. Our contracts use language developed by the Homebuilders Association of Alabama, protecting both the homeowner and the remodeler. Our Home Remodeling Birmingham AL contracts not only lock in the price but also provide the timeframe goal for project completion.

Any unforeseen or additional expenses or changes that develop during the project are discussed in real-time and are paid for in real-time as they come up. Unforeseen expenses are existing issues like the discovery of wood rot, the discovery of mold, or previously unknown foundation damage that are outside the scope of work but must be dealt with per building code or common sense. Expenses such as these are not rolled into an overall final bill but rather addressed immediately, priced accordingly, and dealt with promptly.


Changes requested along the way by the homeowner are handled with a Confirmation of Instructions (or “COI”) which acts as a change order outside of the existing project. While we try to mitigate changes along the way with thorough communication prior to the project beginning, we recognize that often the visual change brought about as the project progresses ignites the imagination. New ideas are bound to develop, and when and where possible, we are happy to incorporate them in the overall Home Remodeling Birmingham AL project. These changes are also addressed, priced, and paid during the project and not at the end.


Homeowners working with Oak Alley are kept up to speed with workflow, changes, conversations, and general progress with a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with the Operations Manager. These meetings are established at the beginning of the project and are consistent throughout the life of the project. Homeowners receive a meeting report at each meeting recapping the prior meeting. Events that happen between meetings and upcoming events are discussed. Draw payments are collected at predetermined project milestones. This is a designated time for questions (although we are happy to answer questions at any time during the project). Any conversations or meetings that need to take place with Oak Alley carpenters, owners, or sub-contractors also take place at this time. The goal is open and honest communication on a scheduled basis that keeps everyone on the same page about the Home Remodeling Birmingham AL project. 


Our employees – the Operations Manager, Lead Carpenter, and carpenter’s assistants – along with any trade partners  who work with Oak Alley, are all properly licensed and insured to be on the job site. We monitor the Home Remodeling Birmingham AL job site to make certain both people and property are protected. Oak Alley works within the building codes of each municipality and does so only with proper permitting. Oak Alley obtains all permits and arranges inspections with the appropriate vendors and inspectors. 

How Long Do House Remodels Take?

At Oak Alley, we’re a big fan of transparency. The house flipping craze is still sweeping through Birmingham, but we’re all about quality—not quantity. That means we aren’t trying to cut corners in order to meet unrealistic deadlines, just so we can worry about future projects.

We Treat Timelines Differently

Providing great, professional services takes time. Some contractors will make quick turnarounds their top priority, resulting in a remodel that’s pretty on the surface, but not up to our standards. By maintaining a timely schedule and keeping you informed throughout the project process, you know exactly where we are with it and when it will be complete. Our team at Oak Alley cares about your home remodel dreams, and we’re here to make them a reality for you and your family. 

Experience the Reliable Difference

No matter the size of your project, the Oak Alley remodeling contractors will give you the advice, communication, and service you expect and deserve. Whether we’re replacing doors, tiling the shower, installing flooring, knocking out walls, or painting the trim—we’ll do an excellent job. It’s our pleasure to work on your home. 

Our team is made up of some of the best in Birmingham, and in the industry. They’re professional, they get the job done on time, and respect your property. Our customers come first, and it shows in your remodeled interior. We understand that your house isn’t just somewhere you live—it’s where you live your life. We prioritize safety in our construction process to keep our workers and our clients safe.