Come Home Again For The First Time

You’ve walked the hallway of your house a thousand times. Climbed the stairs a thousand more. Opened the kitchen cabinets, stood in the laundry, and rinsed at the bathroom counter more times than you can remember. And how many times have you sidestepped the mess in the basement?

Maybe it was when you sat in the combined study/office, kids homework spread among your own projects, searching for a place to rest the laptop. Or perhaps it was when you realized you didn’t have a study or an office - or anywhere else - to find peace of mind.

  Whenever it might have been, you eventually came to the same realization as many homeowners:

“This house no longer fits perfectly."

That's where your vision began.
Where your story starts.

Oak Alley transforms visions into projects with our proven design-build process.
We work with homeowners to create stories worth telling.

Take the next step.
Go from vision to reality.

Each Project Is A Puzzle With Its Own Solution

Just as a home is more than merely a house, Oak Alley is more than merely another home renovation company. Since 1983, Oak Alley has been a premier design-build company for the Greater Birmingham area, offering unique solutions to individual properties. With work ranging from large and small additions, major and minor kitchen remodels, master baths and hall baths, to whole-house renovations as well as smaller room-specific projects, there’s never a cookie-cutter approach to Oak Alley design-builds. Each project is designed around the unique needs, budget, and space of the homeowner.

We enjoy doing work that's never been done before.

Why Design-Build?

One job, one budget, one project manager.

As a comprehensive design-build company, Oak Alley takes your project from vision, design, and layout, all the way through construction and cleanup.   We listen to your needs, evaluate your space, design potential outcomes, and create results worth talking about.

Regardless of project size - whether it’s renovation, redesign, or additional construction - or all three - Oak Alley understands each requires an approach that goes deeper than simply placing an order. Based on years of design-build expertise, we provide manageable solutions to complex projects using proven processes.
Design Services
Just as every property is unique, so is every client. At Oak Alley, we listen first, making sure to fully understand your perspective, then design around your goals, helping discover innovative solutions unique to your home.
Construction Services
Oak Alley handles the project from consultation to clean up, never placing your home outside our sphere. Each project is overseen by an experienced master carpenter and construction is performed with the homeowner in mind.
Design/Build Advantages
Simplicity and accountability are two of the advantages of using one firm for design and construction needs. Oak Alley understands true construction costs and realistic timeframes, for seamless budgeting of both time and money.